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Online Marketing

Pre-sales - Suspecting/Prospecting


Web development-Wordpress

Rapid to build websites and webshops that perform well SEO wise. The base of any good online marketing strategy. Almost half of the websites in the world are based on WordPress technology. Especially when the website has a commercial aim. We can deliver development, management and hosting.

B2B Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing is and will remain a key process to accelerate growth of sales. Whether to follow up leads or cold call, every company should have a telemarketing plan and invest in specialists who know what they are doing when approaching, pitching and closing in the name of your brand and to built new relationships for your account team.

Marketing Automation for Salesforce - Pardot

Salesforce is the biggest and most complete CRM system in the market. With Pardot, you combine the best of online marketing with the best of web based sales management. Pardot is the marketing automation tool of Salesforce and is perfect for connecting the whole of your marketing efforts to a well managed sales team.

Web Advertising and Analytics

Traffic analysis and generation are essential for making a modern business grow. We know how to analyse data and help you take the proper decisions. Setting up a solid analytics envorinment is the basis for any good digital strategy. Southaxis is also a Google Partner that can help you get more traffic to your site or shop.

Internal Telemarketing Provision

Stop gambling with B2B callcentres. We bring in a dedicated B2B telemarketing agent that becomes a part of your team internally. The emphasis is on product knowledge, customer insight and seamlessly fitting in with your account team to take over their acquisition roles.

About Us

  • What’s in a name?
    South Axis derives its name from the Dutch “Zuidas”. It is the literal translation. The South Axis is the most famous business district in the Netherlands and is home to the headoffices of global business giants like ABN-AMRO Bank and AKZO-Nobel. Not only these conglomerates, but also the entrepreneurs and almost every single professional in this hive of economic success offers inspiring stories and opportunities. Hence we decided to name our company after the biggest business district in the Netherlands.
  • Why would anyone do business with us?
    We understand you are busy, and it takes great effort to keep your business running, let alone make it grow. However, there is always room for improvement. Whether it are simple things like updating some info on your website, hosting chores or graphic design, or complex things like salesforce implementation, devising of AdWords campaigns. You need people that are specialized in these applications to help you improve your business. You know your business, we know the apps. Where can we help? It’s that simple.
  • What do you offer exactly?
    Expertise paid per hour. No matter how big or small your project, we will break it down into separate phases and calculate the needed expertise. Whats left is a clear view of what we’ll do for you, how long it takes and what total investment is required. Consultancy should be easy.
  • What will you do? 
    Anything you ask, as long as it requires working in the applications we know best, and as long as we can translate it to an hourly based project. It could be building a new website, conceiving and executing an AdWords campaign, connecting multiple online marketing channels to your salesforce environment, anything you need to develop your business.